• Support for multi-site (>2) replication monitoring.
  • Zone and domain (DNS traversal) lookups.
  • Transfer option added to top menu.
  • Search deleted names registered between X and Y dates.
  • Zone file generation times.
  • Registrars now able to renew their annual fees prior to expiry.
  • Registrar membership fees can be exempted from tax.
  • Improvments to KRA Sales and Refunds Reports.
Errors Resolved
  • M-pesa payment display on ledger summary.
  • High frequency zone generation serial number issue.


  • ICANN MoSAPI monitoring API integration.
  • Read Only WHOIS and Distaster Recovery Module.
  • postgresql streaming replication monitoring
  • Configure dual WHOIS (local and remote) - http and port 43
Errors Resolved
  • Unicode & ASCII contact edit issue.
  • On-demand backup issue.
  • EPP TLS monitor host name save issue.


Errors Resolved
  • zone Viewer read-only admin user type permissions issue.
  • recovery of deleted (purged) domains in a few edge cases.
  • approver user login after 2FA permissions issue.
  • top of contact create menu overlaps (appears behind) header menu.


  • "Zone Policy" menu to let registrars see detailed policy configuration (lifecycle, prohibited strings, transfer policy).
  • allow registrars to see EPP login activity (failed / success) in the portal.
  • enable / disable registrar "domain push" functionality.
  • enbable / disable a specific payment gateway for all registars.
  • support for TLS 1.3 over EPP, ability to enable/disable depreciaed TLS versions.
  • web portal housekeeping, CSS/Fonts/JavaScript Libs files re-organised making the portal code simpler to maintain.
  • vue.js, jquery, bootstrap and prototype versions updated.
  • domain summary page, additional domain information displayed.
  • consolidated maintenance pages.
  • removed legacy maintenance menu.
  • new activation pages, change the for-activation code length, add extra activate urls, change activation date format to UTC format.
  • removed (sunrise and land-rush) from zone setting.
  • stoped strictly enforceing ASCII for auth code policy.
  • disabled functionality that allowed users to multiple contacts records of the same type but in different scripts for the same contact ROID
  • removed the authcode settings and Contact Int / Loc requirements (no more validation for Loc type contacts over EPP and create one contact type in the web portal.
  • improved the login lock date format, and display right format for NID.
  • removed global pay automation tasks.
  • display both balance and available credit in registrar Account Balance Details "quick link".
  • domain create via web portal prevents registrars from adding domains to cart if insufficient funds for 1 year registration.
  • cleaned automation run times display and date format.
  • hide / disable the escrow config on the stub zones.
  • added domain status delete prohibited EPP flags if zone policy not allow delete current /expired domains (set the domain status according to the zone policy setting).
  • zone file automation page delay settings.
  • logging and audit trail in object history.
  • portal transfer errors more informative.
  • TLD admin edit of client automation settings allowed even if disabled for client.
Errors Resolved
  • "Zone Viewer" user type permissions issue.
  • "LockedUntil" time for locked logins display resolved.
  • premium domain list upload/save issue resolved.
  • escrow zones automation task deleted / old escrow files for stub zones using SQL function.
  • enforce client auto-renew on transfer policy over EPP.


  • improve transaction and invoice pdfs.
  • update stand- alone (read only) WHOIS port 43 and http module.
  • DNSSEC bootstrap support.
  • NANIC payment gateway.
  • audit table and db cleanup tool improvements.